Illuminate Minds believes in giving back to our Community and allowing our team the opportunities to explore different ways they can give back. Illuminate Minds currently support our community by:

Providing staff 2 days per year of additional leave which we call “Community Spirit”. Our staff can choose a charitable activity to participate in on these days which they feel passionate towards and is aligned to their individual “why”.

Participating in charitable causes: Illuminate Minds is working alongside our corporate partner, Illuminate Group, to raise money for those impacted by the Australian bush fires. Illuminate donated all proceeds and course fees from their highly sought after corporate workshops to the bush fire recovery for the months of February, March and April 2020. 

Participating in an annual walk, run or marathon event which raises funds for charitable causes. Our Consultant Principal Psychologist Bianca, and her team, have raised thousands over the years participating in the 100km Oxfam walk.

Keep a look out on our socials to see what our team are up to next.